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The Black Water Series | 2021

A series of sculptures made in opposition to the previous years work, facing away from direct carving and its curved forms and instead leaning into restriction of shape, limiting myself only to straight lines and angular voids.

I sailed the coastline of Cornwall till the Isles of Scilly on an old Lugger.

I saw rolling landscapes, tectonic plates curling, laminating geologies,

I sat at the tiller in awe of the living curvature of the boats sails,

I experienced true raw nature, fear of death, beauty and shaking elation.

Weeks later I made landfall, returning home with a see-saw horizon; landsick.

Tanned skin criss-crossed and dotted with white scars and blistering callouses,

I turned to carving, unable to understand the last month, consciously locking it away,

Traumatic experiences only cauterised through physical action.

A semblance of catharsis reached through the beating out of material.

I had to extend myself, expend myself, into the seemingly inanimate.

I had to create haptic ‘ritournellising’ shapes and voids within space.


- Gilchrist-fisher Award Application 2021, Nathan Henton -

All available to purchase through New Blood Art Gallery.

Images from Falmouth BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree Show, 2021

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